We are always on the lookout for new male members who would be willing to commit to our shared vision. We're proud of achieving excellence as well as fun, friendship, commitment, respect and inclusivity.

Everyone can sing, but if you are up for the challenge of working to develop a new skill we’d love to hear from you.

In common with a high achieving chorus we will ask you to attain the required standard to become a full singing member over the forthcoming weeks.

New full-singing members have experienced a huge sense of fun and satisfaction.

So if you want to have "Fun Singing Well" contact Tom Kinnaird: 07977062554,  and he will explain more.

Go on - you won’t regret it! You'll always receive a great welcome and we'll have you singing in rehearsal with us immediately!

*We want to be a chorus of men, dedicated to musical excellence, and working hard, individually and together, to be the best we can be."

Here is an outline of the process to become a full member:

Prospective Member Pre-Audition:
You come to a rehearsal: Our Musical Director (MD) will hear you sing something very simple in private e.g. a scale or Happy Birthday. From that we’ll know which voice part you should sing.
You want to find out more about GWC: If you like your first experience and our MD is happy you have the basic skills to sing, we’ll give you:

  • A bit more info on The Great Western Chorus
  • Limited access to our website members area where you’ll get the sheet music for the audition song
  • ‘Teach tracks’ for the audition song are also on the website – these are recordings of your voice part and all the other parts to help you sing along and learn it
  • We’ll give you help if you need it too

Audition: Over the next month you’ll learn the audition song (in your own time) and you’ll be guided through the audition process. For the audition you sing your part in a quartet (three chorus members sing the other three parts alongside you, so you’re not on your own!) and will sing it to the MD and the section leader. We really want you to be successful and will help you all the way.

Pre Show-Qualified Member:
Passed Audition: When you pass audition you’re now a member and pay monthly subs. Our membership manager will guide you through various forms that we will need you to complete. You’ll already be singing with us at rehearsals and now you’ll start learning our repertoire. You’ll be given full access to the members area of our website where all the songs and other documents are kept.
Final stage: You are a member but in order that you can sing on stage with us your section leader will need to hear you sing two pre-determined songs from our repertoire. It’s not quartet this time – the rest of your mates in the chorus will be singing with you on a rehearsal evening.

Full Active Singing Member:
Perform with us: You have now passed your two stage-ready songs and you are given your GWC walk-out gear and stage uniform. You’ll have to pay a small refundable deposit for this.

Congratulations – a proud moment for you, your friends and family and for all of us. You’re now ready to sing with us on stage and be part of the madness and fun that is GWC!

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